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Learning Environments

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The end of the quarter is rapidly approaching, so I was determined to get some work done on some of my final papers this morning. Instead, I have been organizing and looking at the work I have left to do. I finally sat down at my desk to start writing and spent about ten minutes writing and then deleting everything I had just written. I stopped to watch a video for next week’s class: “People and their Desks”. I definitely haven’t followed in Einstein’s footsteps, I don’t thrive on clutter. That being said, the desk I share with my partner is occasionally tidy but often pretty cluttered. It is populated with books, bills, cameras, a plethora of markers, pens and pencils and some miscellaneous mementos.


In short, its kind of a mess. I took a few minutes to tidy things up a bit. I hope this helps de-clutter my brain for the work ahead!

In my classroom, I am often focused on the environment. I am vigilant about clutter and making sure that the space is clean, organized and easy for children to see the activities that are available to them. Several years ago, my classroom had a vibrant yellow wall. I repainted it to a calmer blue-green. I know it had a profound effect on how I feel in the classroom and I think it had the same effect on the kids. Classrooms are often busy places and there is a need for a lot of materials, but when spaces get cluttered I think it adds an element of chaos. It is important to be mindful of the way our environments affect us and those around us.


One thought on “Learning Environments

  1. What did you think of some of the cluttered desks in the video, that people felt they had to keep cluttered to foster their creativity and productivity? I was so interested in the variety of ways that people created their workspaces. Some of those would push my ability to get work done!

    This has me thinking. Are there differences between clutter and disorganization?

    So much to think about!

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