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Health and Fitness, First Day

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I really enjoyed the first session of my Health, Fitness and Issues of Abuse Class. I left feeling excited about the next few weeks and the upcoming activities. I’ve been interested in health and fitness issues on a personal level for many years and believe that being physically healthy is an important part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

During the first class session, I found myself reflecting back on the the life skills course I taught during my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I had a class of fifty teenage girls and over the course of the school year we worked on topics such as healthy communication, positive self-esteem and body image and setting goals. We spent a lot of time learning about HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health.  I wanted my students to feel empowered to make healthy choices for themselves and to be educated about their lifestyle decisions. I believe these issues were a vital part of their education and deeply valued my role in working with my students.

In class, while we were thinking about what health education is, one of my group members brought up how we should tie health issues back to the environment and our communities. I really like this idea and it seems like a logical way to integrate health topics into the wider curriculum.

I’m passionate about these issues and I can’t wait to learn more strategies for teaching health and fitness.


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