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Health and Fitness, Day 2

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Yesterday we started class with a discussion about what it means to be healthy and how culture shapes the ways we think about health. I think it is important to remember that our own individual perceptions about health aren’t necessarily shared. Last quarter we engaged in a lot of reflection about our values and beliefs and especially about the things that we take for granted. I think issues surrounding health and fitness are another area that require reflection to uncover what our beliefs really are and where they come from. We also have the opportunity to use this as a starting place to learn about health and fitness from different perspectives.
The class discussion really got me thinking about the messages we receive from the media about what healthy looks like and how this affects the way that individuals feel about themselves. I’m looking forward to counteracting some of these messages in my future classroom and helping kids develop positive self-images.I’ve enjoyed the practical aspects of this course so far. I find myself thinking about how the things we discuss and learn about will translate into the classroom.


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