Part of the Process

Thoughts on becoming a teacher.


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I had my first experience microteaching today. This experience was different than other presentations and projects because as a group we were teaching a lesson to our classmates as if they were 4th graders. I have found myself being nervous at times during the past few quarters while speaking in front of a group, but I think imagining that everyone was in fourth grade helped me. I don’t feel as nervous around kids I guess (or around adults pretending they are kids).

I really enjoyed this experience. There haven’t been a lot of times where I have received immediate feedback on my work, and never from such a large group. I tend to be a bit on the sensitive side and was worried that I would struggle with criticism. I was concerned that I might get my feelings hurt or feel defensive. Instead, I really feel like I valued the feedback we received as a group. Its interesting to hear other people’s perspective on the lesson and some ways we could make it better. I appreciate how respectful the group was while giving constructive criticism. I look forward to becoming a better teacher through this process.


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