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Hopes and Fears


The beginning of a new quarter and a new school placement (dyad), not to mention a new ipad and everything that entails has my mind abuzz. Through all this I have found myself thinking of my students at my main placement quite a bit.

Throughout the month of September, there was one boy in particular that I often thought about. So I was especially saddened when I received an e-mail from my Master Teacher (MT), saying that he had moved and would hence go to another nearby school. This boy had my MT last year and had made incredible progress in reading and in math. They developed a close relationship and things started to turn around for this student. I think he saw that his teacher cared about him and that he could have academic success if he tried. My MT was moved up a grade in part because of the relationship he had formed with this boy.

This experience has me thinking about he power of personal relationships, and I just worry that he won’t find that at his new school. I hope this student will choose to keep working hard and will do well in his new school. I hope he will carry the experiences he had with his previous teacher with him and continue to strive for success.


2 thoughts on “Hopes and Fears

  1. I am so happy you wrote about this! I too have a similar story about a paticular student at my main placemnt and think of this studetn often. Though a little saddening – its an amazing tribute to how importnat a relationship is between studetn and teacher. what would be some way to stay in touch or make this studetn transiton well? is there anything we can do outside our classroom?

  2. What difficult news, and especially with the positive relationship that had formed between this student and your MT. Hopefully the progress he made through his relationship with your MT will give him confidence with future relationship building. This student now has the knowledge and belief that this friendship and trust can be built. That is power!

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