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One Less Chore


Blogging has become much more enjoyable for me over the past few months. When I began this blog last spring, I always felt like it was one more item on my to-do list. I would think and think about what to write. Often I would end up not feeling very passionate about writing anything. Honestly, it felt like a  chore. Luckily, I don’t feel that way now. I think the change came from being able to write about the things I am experiencing, not just things I am reading about. There have been many times this quarter where I see or experience something in a classroom that I want to reflect on through writing. The feedback I’ve received has helped me take on a different perspective and helped me think about issues more deeply.

I’ve also been enjoying reading the blogs of my classmates. I can see the same passion coming through for them as well. Across the cohort, blogging has taken more of a conversational tone and we are all growing as educators because of it. I’ve enjoyed all the questions people are raising. The championing of positive experiences have been a lot of fun to read too: the lessons that went well, the child who was reached through an activity, the teacher with a great idea.

Blogging has been a way to have conversations that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. We have limited time with each other and even more limited time to discuss our experiences out in classrooms. I think blogging is a great way to strengthen a community as well. Ideas are shared, common experiences are uncovered and by making ourselves vulnerable at times, we are able to build trust. I’ve seen commiseration, joy and a lot of support coming through in the blog conversations these past few months.

I have a long way to go to becoming a “blogger” (maybe a capital B blogger?), but at least I am enjoying the process.


2 thoughts on “One Less Chore

  1. “Blogging has been a way to have conversations that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”
    I think you hit the nail right on the head. We do not have remotely enough time in the classroom to express all the important thoughts running through all 30+ of our heads during any class. there may not be enough time in a day! But we all have this outlet to make our thoughts known, here and via twitter, to our classmates. I think this is the true strength of blogging in our particular cohort community and one that cannot be overstated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Nice. I appreciate your thoughts here — that it’s about ongoing conversation and thinking alongside with others. You’ve raised great questions here all quarter and have nudged all of us to think about things through different eyes. You are helping everyone in this cohort to be more thoughtful as you’ve thought out loud. Thanks for investing in that.

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