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Thoughts on becoming a teacher.

More Reflection


Last week, I ended up subbing almost the whole week for my cooperating teacher (he came in one afternoon for about an hour). Luckily, the dreams I had about dismissing the kids an hour early and having no lesson plans ready didn’t come true. As I looked back on the week, I felt like it had been a great week. Last week gave me a lot of confidence. Not only did I get to know my students better on an individual level, I also got to know the strengths and needs of the class better. I ended the week with a lot of new ideas as well as some areas where the class could benefit from more modeling and having expectations made more clear.

After school tonight, I was reflecting on my teaching. Although I am feeling more capable and confident as a teacher, I wonder how or if my students are benefitting. I wonder if I’ve improved in some of the areas that I have wanted to improve in. Something that has been a focus for me in the past few months is student engagement and how to foster rich discussions in the classroom. I’m continuing with my attempts to foster math talk and to push for more student conversation in other subjects. It hasn’t been an easy thing, but I want to renew my focus and keep working at it.


2 thoughts on “More Reflection

  1. I really appreciate this thought – I was reflecting the same thing: how is our learning benefitting student learning ? This happend as I have started taking over full time , it went from worrying about more than did I impress my ct to am I being engagejng , clear expectations and so on .. It’s an amazing change I think we go through as student teachers and your own reflection on this just proves what a a valuable assets you will be to the teaching community! 🙂

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