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Thoughts on becoming a teacher.

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I keep thinking about Ayer’s myths of teaching in the first chapter of To Teach, in particular Myth 6: Good Teachers Are Good Performers. Ayer’s goes on to say that “often good teachers are not charismatic and are not exhibitionists”.

When I read this, it recalled to mind a conversation I had several years ago with Xiu-Li, an Infant Teacher at the child care center where I work. She said she didn’t think the older children would like her, because she is quiet. I thought about about the idea that often people who interact with young children do so in the role of an entertainer. But, even really young children appreciate authentic interactions. Our conversation led us to the conclusion that children relate to many different personality types, but being real is the important thing.

As a more reserved person myself, I felt validated by Ayer’s Myth #6. I came across a similar thought process on The Spicy Learning Blog. I appreciate the idea of introverts making more space for the personalities of the students to come out.