Part of the Process

Thoughts on becoming a teacher.


Looking Back

One year ago, I spent a week in Yakima observing at the middle school my dad and stepmom teach at, as well as in the elementary school where a close friend teaches at. I’ve been thinking about that week, remembering all the different experiences I had. Reflecting back on that week has really opened my eyes to all the learning that I have done this year. I have so many new ways to view and interpret those experiences. I have many more understandings about why things were done they way they were.

For the past several weeks, I have felt overwhelmed on many occasions. Overwhelmed by my present and overwhelmed by the future. Trying to look forward too far is a daunting task. I’ve found that reflecting back on my week spent observing in Yakima has helped me not only celebrate how far I’ve come, but it also alleviates some of the worry for the future.


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Here We Go!

The first few weeks of being back to school (after a fairly long break) have brought lots of new experiences. Blogging is definitely in that category!

Although I am still near the beginning of my journey towards becoming a teacher, I feel like I have already learned a lot. I have been thankful for the insights, opinions and the shared personal experiences of my fellow students. I’m looking forward to using this blog as a space to reflect and develop my ideas concerning education.