Part of the Process

Thoughts on becoming a teacher.


Positive Thinking

During the very first night of class, Allison brought up the idea of looking for competencies in children and their families. Around the same time, I read “Assuming Positive Intentions” onĀ Elementary, My Dear, or Far From It about how people are trying their best. Both of these related ideas are so simple but I’ve been thinking about them ever since.

I feel that I am a pretty patient most of the time in my interactions with the three year old children in my class, I also feel like it is important to have refreshers and reminders about the ways we should interact with children. When one of my kids has a day where they seem to just not be able to follow directions or listen, or I am met with what I feel are unreasonable demands from parents, I have found “everyone is trying their best” running through my head. Keeping this in mind has helped me try to see things from someone else’s perspective and to be more understanding and patient.

We have been talking about standardized testing a lot recently and I have tried to keep these principles in mind during these discussions. I think it is easy to get carried away when thinking about these big, frustrating topics and move into blaming the nameless “They”. It can be powerful to remember that the people responsible for things that we see not working so well in our educational system were also working with good intentions (at least for the most part).

I hope that I will be able to carry these ideas of looking for and assuming the positiveĀ  in my future as an educator.